Standard Operating Procedure For Cleaning Of Raw Material , Packing Material  And Finished Goods Stores

by Pharmadocx Consultants

PURPOSE:  In this process of receiving, issuing and dispensing lot of dust is created which settles and contaminates the whole area around the dispensing table or the entire stores. This dust may be harmful if inhaled by the person sitting or working around the dispensing table. Also, in all probability the dust settles in the neighboring containers/materials that may cause cross contamination. Therefore it is necessary that utmost care be  taken in cleaning the whole area around the dispensing table and the storage place. Following are the guidelines for cleaning.

SCOPEThis procedure applies for cleaning of stores.


                              1. Production Manager                                  



Caution: Take only one item at a time for dispensing. Items scheduled for dispensing later are not to be kept along with the materials being dispensed. Clean the surface of the container with a dry duster before it is taken on dispensing table.

Procedure: Collect the powder spilled over and around the dispensing table with a duster in a dustbin. Wipe the area and the balance with a dry cloth. Clean the dispensing area and the balance with a wet cloth repeating the action two to three times. Apply Isopropyl Alcohol 70% finally for wiping and cleaning the balance and dispensing table to avoid contamination.


1. Collect the dust settled over tables, floors, containers, etc. by using vacuum cleaner.

2. Vacate the empty pallets/containers from the areas or from the racks and wipe the dust with a cotton cloth or duster.

3. Sweep the floor thoroughly.

4. Use the wet mop for thorough cleaning of the floor. Use 1 % Teepol or liquid soap (about 100 ml in 10 Itrs. of tap water) for wet mopping followed by swabbing by fresh tap water.

5. To maintain suitable record to alert and update the activities.


1. Collect the dust settled over the office equipment’s, furniture, fixtures and walls by using blower cum vacuum cleaner

2. Wipe the dust with a dry duster.

 3. Sweep the floor thoroughly.

 4. Use a wet mop for cleaning the floor


1. Vacate palletized materials from the stores. Collect the dust by using vacuum

2. Clean the ceiling of the whole area of stores including racks, shelves, walls and ceiling.

3. Wipe the racks/walls with dry cloth duster.

4. Sweep the floor.

5. Add 100 g Caustic Soda to 10 Itr. of tap water for cleaning the floor. Mop the floor with this solution. .

6. Apply pest control insecticides around the stores.

7. Replace material in their designated location.


Ensure that all the received goods are in clean condition. If not, arrange to get them cleaned before placing them in their designated locations. If goods rea received in an unclean container, isolate and transfer into clean containers, ensuring appropriate labeling.

Author: (GM Production)Checked by: (QA Manager)Authorised by: (Director Technical)
Date:Date :Date :

(Review date on or before 12 months from date of authorization)

Written by Anmol Singh

Anmol Singh Completed his Bachelors in Field of Mechanical and Automation Engineering. He has over 2 Years of experience in field of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Cosmetics Manufacturing.

12 June 2023

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