Standard Operating Procedure For Washing, Cleaning & Storage Of Equipments, Vessels,Stirrer  & Machine Parts For  Ointment & Cream

by Pharmadocx Consultants


To lay down procedure for Washing, cleaning & storage of equipments, vessels & Machine parts for Ointment & cream.


Production Manager.

REQUIREMENTS :-          

1.                     0.2% Teepol solution.

2.                     Scrubbing brush.

3.                     Potable water

4.                     Purified water

5.                     Water for injection.

6.                     Butter paper & rubber bands.

PROCEDURE :- Following steps are involved.

1.EQUIPMENT DISASSEMBLY :-  Equipment or machine parts like syringe should be

completely disassembled to render complete cleaning .

2. PRE WASH :- Collect all the vessels to be washed in the washing section & sprinkle hot water

over them. Keep equipment & machine parts in hot water for 30 minutes

Author: (Production Manager)Checked by: (QA Manager)Authorized by: (Director Administration)
Date:Date :Date :

            (Review date on or before 12 months from date of authorization)

Written by Anmol Singh

Anmol Singh Completed his Bachelors in Field of Mechanical and Automation Engineering. He has over 2 Years of experience in field of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Cosmetics Manufacturing.

14 June 2023

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